Encore Search Partners is a Recruitment & Executive Search firm that is focused on offering clients a return on their investment. Founded in 2013, we are a rapidly-growing thought leader in direct hire recruitment, predominantly focused on spotlighting the absolute best Professional, Technical, & C-Level Executive talent, nationwide.

If you are currently using another recruiting firm but you aren’t seeing results, or you have a strict timeline to hire an excellent candidate, we would love to show you why we have been recognized as one of the Houston area’s fastest growing staffing & recruiting firms. Contact a Recruitment Specialist today.

Mission Statement

Encore Search Partners empowers organizations by fulfilling their need to hire talented, experienced, and high performing professionals. We do this by employing industry experts who possess the necessary ability of intuitively addressing an organization’s recruitment pain-points. By using their own industry-specific professional experience, our recruiters will find the right fit for candidates and clients alike.

Vision Statement

To be the most trusted and respected recruitment firm in the industry. We will be valued as a trusted advisor by our clients and candidates.

Core Values


If you’re going to do something, be great at it. Whether it’s managing the expectations of coworkers, managers, clients, or candidates, clear and concise communication and expectations are in place to not only meet, but to exceed on a daily basis.


Success requires focus, discipline, & resilience. We will always face obstacles, but we must have the capacity to recover quickly from those challenges by leveraging our own mental toughness and physical willpower to achieve our goals.


We know that having a positive mindset is a massive contributor to our success. We strive to be grateful and serial optimists, because that passion and excitement comes through in our work.


If we make a mistake, we take it as an opportunity to grow and improve. We analyze where we mis-stepped and push forward to innovate and advance toward becoming a better organization.


We strive for perfection in both service and presentation. Spelling, grammar, & punctuation are taken very seriously in all of our communication with both clients & candidates.


Working on a contingency basis can be challenging for those who are non-go-getters. We compete with other firms, internal recruitment teams, our colleagues, and ultimately ourselves, to yield the highest results for our clients.

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