Sr. Recruiter, Encore Team

Brock Lunardi

Brock had been introduced to Jeremy through a mutual connection, kept in contact for a year, and then reached out a year later looking for something new. He has a Bachelor of Science in Clinical Laboratory Science from the University of Texas Medical Branch and holds a Medical Lab Scientist (ASCP) Certification. Brock’s favorite thing about the role is being a problem solver for companies and helping find the exact talent needed to solve the challenges that clients are experiencing. “I have learned to have educated business conversations with Technical Professionals with titles and roles that I had not ever heard of prior to joining the recruiting business. After communicating with hiring managers and owners of companies across many different industries, I have learned more about business in general since joining the recruiting world than the entire rest of my life combined.” He describes the culture as fast paced, competitive, and team oriented. Outside of work, he plays in basketball leagues around the city, loves working out, hanging out with his fiancée Arielle and dog, Boots.


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Houston, TX
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