Digital Marketing Coordinator

Gabriel Carusetta

“I was searching for a video production job after my contract with Warner Bros. was coming to an end and found it on LinkedIn! I graduated from Duke University with a degree in Visual and Media Studies and a concentration in Cinematic Arts, as well as a certificate in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I love working in a creative space within a company that is in a really interesting business. It gives me the opportunity to learn about different professions, and working directly with the CEO has been an amazing learning opportunity. Professionally, I’ve learned how to operate in an in-person office. Previously, all my roles have been remote, so it’s been really great to work in-person with my coworkers. The culture is competitive and driven. Every day I’m inspired by how hard my coworkers are working to close deals and acquire new clients. Outside of work, I like to write, direct, produce, and act in films and other creative projects like my YouTube channel. I also love to play video games, workout, and cook.”


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Houston, TX
9 am - 6 pm)