Director of Marketing & IT

Larry Sanders

“I made a post online asking if anyone needed help with marketing and SEO.  Jeremy and I knew each other from Highschool, and he reached out.  One lunch meeting and an invitation to his house later, and I was sold. My favorite thing about the company is that I have played an integral part in the company’s growth.  I can see tangible change and advancement due to my contributions.  I treat this company as my own and have personal investment in watching it succeed. Being the 1st employee, I have had to wear many hats. The great thing about that is I understand the company down to its DNA. The culture at ESP is a melting pot of methodologies.  On one side it is highly competitive and driven by that competition. On the other side, it is very much a team environment where every win is celebrated by absolutely everyone. There is support, resources, and coaching to get each and every person to where they need to be. It’s amazing to watch everyone’s skillsets advance and see the success it brings.  I have had the pleasure of watching many individuals’ lives change for the better. I enjoy writing screen plays, directing videos, recording and performing music. I am an avid hobbyist and always have some sort of project going on. I love watching movies and spending time with my kids.”  


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Houston, TX
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