Recruiter, Financial Search

Vincent Gutierrez

Vincent heard about the job after meeting Jeremy through a close friend. “My favorite thing about my role is that I get to practice my speaking skills daily and am constantly learning new ways to make a good first impression. My time at Encore has taught me how to manage my time, energy, and emotions at a caliber that I did not previously think I would be able to accomplish on my own. I have also learned what it means to be truly fearless in a professional environment and ask the tough questions necessary to accomplish my goals and align with the mission of the company.” He describes the culture as a championship sports team, where the team is given all the resources needed to perform at a high-level, strong expectations to win, and massive support from fellow colleagues. Outside of work he enjoys spending time taking road trips all over Texas, kayaking, trying new restaurants and going to Astros games with family and friends.


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Houston, TX
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